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The FLGN★TLT story is about friendship, cars, and ingenuity.

It all started in Germany, by two ambitious friends with a passion for automotive tuning. In our humble garage, we built a custom wheel and tire business, transforming German cars into unique tuning and racing machines. Our passion for cars, especially for VW’s and Audis, shows in our work; which has earned us a reputation for superior quality, dependability, and fast, honest service. 

Our vision has taken us beyond auto customization; we draw inspiration from a vibrant community of car enthusiasts – daring and creative individuals driven to express themselves in new and extraordinary ways. 

This inspiration led to the creation of FLGN★TLT (pronounced “felgen tilt”), a fashion label that champions the same values as our garage: diligence, reliability, and precision. Unlike most other automotive-based fashion labels, FLGN★TLT is the real deal - we don’t just sell merchandise, our clothing and accessories have true automotive roots. 

FLGN★TLT is all about looking fantastic and feeling awesome. We begin with designs inspired by car tuning, featuring distinct oversized font prints. We apply these bold designs to premium-quality, hand-selected materials, then use different washing techniques to ensure ultimate softness and an innovative finishing process for genuine style and maximum comfort. 

FLGN★TLT embodies your relentless drive to live better. To live larger, stronger, faster, calmer, wilder… 
whatever turns you on and keeps you moving, we’re with you all the way!